Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Postcrossing Meetup (Received Cards) : VERA from GERMANY

Our fourth card comes from Halle (Germany). Halle ist eine kreisfreie Großstadt im Süden von Sachsen-Anhalt und liegt an der Saale.

The sender is a multilingual lady, Vera. She can speak German, French, Italian and Spanish, and in fact she wrote the whole card in Spanish! Muchas gracias, Vera, ¡nos ha encantado leerte!

Danke für die Postkarte, Vera!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Postcrossing Meetup (Received Cards): XÍO from MÓS

We received our third card last Monday (October 30), and it was an unexpected delight in a chilly afternoon. It arrived from nearby Mos, Galicia.

The sender is Manuel Xío, who defines himself as a creative author, and he has sent us a self-made collage postcard with a heartwarming message both in the front and back of the card.

I think we should also be proud of the work of our mail carriers in Ribeira, because I am surprised the card has reached its final destination :) Thank you, mail carriers, for taking your job seriously, reading between the lines and getting it delivered!

I hope the picture allows to appreciate the mail art he has done with the stamp on the left.

Can you read the quotation on the right-hand side? It reads:

 "A rede fica ateigada de sitios, eu procuro lugares"

("The net is crowded with locations, I look for places" - sorry, I have tried my best at translating it)

Thank you, Xío, for your upbuilding comments!

 Your card is pure poetry, and really encouraging for all the participants in this project!

Postcrossing Meetup (Received Cards): WISP from TAIWAN

The second card we have received comes from a dear penpal of mine, Hsin Yueh (Wisp). We have been corresponding for about a year now. She is a junior high student with many talents! I remember a gorgeous card I received from her where she had drawn some beautiful magpies.

Wisp is from Taichung City, Taiwan.

However, the card she sent us shows Sun Moon Lake in Nantou. She has also kindly shared some of her tips to learn English.

 Thank you, Wisp, for your kindness in sending us this card. You will be receiving another one from us in April!

Postcrossing Meetup (Received Cards) : JINDARAT from THAILAND

As you all know, we will be having the First International Postcrossing Meetup in Ribeira (more info on the Postcrossing website) on April 2016, and the first postcards have started arriving. How exciting!

The first postcard we received was accidentally opened by José Manuel, one of the administrative assistants working here, and he was surprised to find a card and some goodies. He called me to tell me this card had arrived. Well, I am glad  he also got to take part in all the fun of receiving a card!

So, the card comes from Bangkok, Thailand.  

Jindarat has sent us a beautiful card along with some stamps, would you like to see it?

Thank you, Jindarat! You will be receiving a card from our meetup in April!