Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our Hands and their Importance

Last year Darian Leader published a really interesting article in The Guardian which looked into the way technology is changing our hands. It analyzed a prediction doctors make that our increasing use of computers and mobile phones will permanently alter our hands, modifying the way we touch, feel and communicate. 

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It argued the most obvious (yet neglected) feature of this digital age is that it allows people to keep their hands busy in a variety of unprecedented ways, leading to increases in computer -and phone-related hand problems, which will ultimately lead to us having different hands.

It also went into the need we feel to keep our hands busy, which has always been a part of our human nature: spinning, knitting, Lego and other games... and nowadays, cell phones.

On top of that, another article by CNN also examined how technology is affecting handwriting, specifically going ton the state of handwriting in the United States, which is seeing a dramatic decline in handwriting which is causing "great" deterioration of the mind.

"I have discovered the secret of happiness - it is work, either with the hands or the head. The moment I have something to do, the draughts are open and my chimney draws, and I am happy"

(John Burroughs)

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