Sunday, December 18, 2016

III Postcrossing Meetup - Send us your postcards!

After organizing two meetups in Galicia, it is time to take Postcrossing to my hometown, Santa Comba. It is actually very exciting because of the obvious intimate personal connections to the area and also because many people here have been (and continue to be) immigrants, mainly to Switzerland, Venezuela and Germany, and therefore there is a tradition of writing letters and postcards. By way of an example, in my own family, we have written to each other during our periods abroad, and that means that I have postcards from my grandpa, my uncles and my father from the times they were living abroad. Paper treasures of the heart.

Anyway, I think bringing Postcrossing to the younger generations is a fair way of recovering a habit that has been a part of our community but that has been fading over the last twenty years. 

Things have been really easy to organize thanks to the good will and support of Anabel López, English teacher in IES Terra do Xallas, who was also an attendee to the meetup in Cabana de Bergantiños and thought it would be motivating to get her students involved.  She was also kind enough to come with me to present the project to the mayor María Pose Rodríguez, who listened attentively to the proposal and promised to consider it. Also, Dolores Nieto, principal of the CEIP Barrié de la Maza, has showed her interest in the project and we hope to be holding a workshop at the school next January.

In the meanwhile, next Monday (tomorrow) I will be giving a workshop to introduce twelve-year-olds to Postcrossing, so I am excited to see how they will respond!

And while we get everything rolling for our III Postcrossing Meetup in Santa Comba, designing the card, choosing a venue and organizing the activities, it would be great if you could send the students in Santa Comba a card (to the address below). As usual, the students will receive them with great thrill and then, on the day of the meetup (probably sometime around January/February next year) we will reply to you and send the special card designed for the event and signed by all attendees.

IES Terra do Xallas
Rúa de Rosalía de Castro, S/N
15840 Santa Comba
A Coruña - SPAIN

Looking forward to receiving your cards!

Thanks for your generosity!


  1. Iam still newbie in postcrossing...hope to receive 1 copy from u...

    1. Masna, did you include your address? Of course you will! We will update info in this blog so that you know the date of the meetup (when we will send out the cards) and the design of the card (so you all can see what it looks like). Thanks fir writing to us!

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  3. Hi! Do you know the date of meeting? I can't wait your postcard 🙂