Friday, December 9, 2016

Letters in Music: "Parašyk man laišką iš Paryžiaus"

We had presented a couple of songs about letters and writing in previous posts, which I came to know thanks to Simona Armonavičiūtė, who has also been kind enough to share some insight into this song. 

Here is Simona's comment: "This song is actually about a girl. The first verse says that a little girl dreams of becoming a model in Paris and she dresses her mother's clothes and wears her makeup. Then in the second verse she grows up into a beautiful lady who participates in beauty contests. The most important part is, of course, the chorus in which the singer states that the girl's family and friends don't believe in her success and the singer himself jokes that when she becomes a world star, she will write him a letter from Paris. Finally, in the last verse the girl goes to Paris and she is sad to leave him. However, times flies fast and she never sends him the letter he has waited for so long... Wow, I have never really got deep into this song as I don't like this singer but it makes sense".

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