Sunday, May 29, 2016

Letters in Art: Xoán Fernández

From May 13-28 there was an exhibition, Abstracción versus Figuración de Xoán Fernández, here in Ribeira (Centro Cultural Lustres Rivas), with a small selection of paintings by this Ribeiran artist.

Centro Cultural Lustres Rivas (Ribeira)
Leonardo na UCI (2008); An empty country (2016); A lectora de Cézanne (2014);  Homenaxe a Hopper (2013)
Xoán Fernández (1938) is a self-taught artist, who has liked painting and drawing since he was a little child. He discovered Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud in 1962, when he traveled to London and visited the National Gallery and the Tate Gallery. While in Germany, he exhibited his drawings for the first time in a display in Sprendligen (1964). Since that moment, he exhibits in Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands, and his style will develop towards  a more expressionist, later surrealist view, but deeply influenced by the Flemish and Dutch Renaissance painters.

Here are two of his pieces showing letters, the first one inspired by Jan Vermeer (you can see the entry we devoted to his paintings about letters here) and the second one which is very suggestive, even though it only shows objects, for some reason it seems to me to convey a lot of human emotion, don't you think?

A carta de Vermeer (2012) by Xoán Fernández 
Camisa (1985)

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